ISO/IEC 17025 NABL accredited calibration laboratory services in India
NCQC calibration laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025 NABL accredited calibration lab services in India. Get more information for calibration procedures of thermometer, flow meter, ph meter, transmitter, pressure gauges, pipette, transmitter and mass calibration.

Welcome to ISO/IEC 17025 NABL accredited calibration laboratory in India

National Centre for Quality Calibration (NCQC) is an independent calibration laboratory established since 1998 in India  and has provided state-of-the-art calibration services to many different industries and providing quality calibration services for testing and measuring instruments with our calibrated masters in the field of Temperature, Dimensional, Pressure, Vacuum, Time, Mass, Electrical, Noise, Airflow, Lux & all Special Purpose Instruments in all ranges. NCQC is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory by NABL.

One Stop Calibration Services – We are doing all type of instruments calibration and as per client need we can do calibration in your laboratory or at site. Our support team provides all help for all the time and are approachable to customers for full customer satisfaction. This has made us more popular in India for calibration services as well as ISO consultancy. With shifts working, we are able to satisfy customer emergency situations, as well as, provide quick turnaround calibration services on a consistent basis. Our approach of 24/7/365 -- being there to satisfy your most demanding time critical calibration or repair needs We provide calibration services to our customers in either our own environmentally controlled multi calibration laboratory facility or at their sites. The customers are using our calibration laboratory for instrument calibration of pressure gauges, flow meter, transmitter, ph meter, flow meter, thermo couple, pipette, thermometer, temperature calibrators, mass, weights, glass wares, test sieves, torque wrenches, multi function calibrator, time, sound, gauge, furnace etc with our calibrated masters.

“Precision and Reliability of Instruments For Your Better Tomorrow”

The Strength Of NCQC

Numbers of instruments calibrated so far 1,50,000 Approx.
Numbers of companies have used our services 10,000 Approx.

Why Many Units have Taken Our NABL Accredited Instument Calibration Services:

  1. Our ISO/IEC 17025 NABL accredited calibration laboratory services are highly recommended by ISO certifying auditors, WHO GMP as well as FDA auditors and third party auditors. and majority of auditors have visited our calibration laboratory on our open day and seen our capability.
  2. Provide national / international traceability in our calibration certificate file for ISI / ISO / CE certification or government tender requirements or for multinational customers audit requirements. Our ISO/IEC 17025 NABL accredited calibration laboratory services in India and globallyare popular with in all leading groups
  3. NCQC is started since 1998, having proven name and majority of companies and leading group of India prefer our calibration certificate. We provide On–Site calibration facility, arranging calibration camps in the industrial areas and make annual calibration contracts.
  4. The Infrastructure in terms of dust free, vibration proof, properly illuminated, temperature and humidity controlled environment in our laboratory. Huge investment for sophisticated master calibration equipments and trained skill manpower gives high level of reliability and confidence.
  5. We are having reputation in the market for Quick delivery, Reliability and cheaper rate.
  6. ISO/IEC 17025 (NABL) accreditation in the field of Mechanical, pressure and vacuum, force, mass, volume, thermal, electro - Technical as per latest ISO standard ISO/IEC 17025 (NABL Certificate No. C – 0146, C – 0499, C – 0502).
  7. Understand quality and importance of calibration due to our Director’s more than 25 years rich experience of ISO and management consultancy and our services given to more than 1200 Clients in India and other 45 countries globally.
  8. Infrastructure in terms of precise and sophisticated masters, skill personnel and controlled environment condition as per ISO/IEC 17025 (NABL accredited) calibration lab.
  9. Having rich experience for calibration of government organization and many big companies and multinational companies. So far more than 10,000 companies have used our facilities for calibration of more than 1,50,000 instruments.

Following Parameters/Instruments are taken up for Calibration at NCQC Laboratory

Mechanical Length, Angle, Volume, Density, Pressure, Vacuum, Sound, pressure calibrator, pressure gauges, test sieves etc.
Electrical AC/DC Current, AC/Dc Voltage, Resistance, Capacitance, Time, Speed, Frequency, Power, transmitter; etc.
Thermal Temperature & Relative Humidity (RH), thermometer, temperature calibrators, thermo couple, furnace, ovens, Hygrometers etc.
Process pH, Conductivity, ORP etc.
Force Torque, Compression, Tension, Hardness testing machine, torque wrenches  etc.
Special Purpose flow meter, multi function calibrator, time, mapping, validation etc.
Mass Weights, weighing balance, calibration of pipette, glass wares etc.
NABL Certificate NCQC