pH meter, thermocouple, thermometer, ovens, thermal instrument calibration
Calibration laboratory provides calibration of instruments for ph meter, thermocouple, thermometer, ovens calibration, time measurement, conductivity meter, calibration of glassware, rtd calibration and other thermal instruments calibration.

Calibration of Analytical and Thermal Instruments at NCQC

From Standard  Platinum Resistance Thermometers with fixed point cells attaining the International Temperature Scale (ITS-90) to within a few comparison calibrations from -30° to +1200°C, to thermocouples from to 1200°C, Process Instruments primary temperature standards and references can be used to calibrate virtually any type of thermocouple and thermometer. With over 15 years experience helping customers like you keep their temperature application process controls precise and accurate. We also provide calibration services for all special type of instruments, time, revolution, analytical instruments and thermal and humidity. The customers are using our calibration laboratory for calibration of flow meter, thermocouple calibration, thermometer calibration, rtd calibration, temperature calibrators, baths, time, sound, rpm meter, conductivity meter, tds meter, furnace, calibration of glassware and other thermal calibration.

To learn more about how you too can acquire precision from our Calibration Laboratory that includes adjustments, data and recall notification, contact us today. We can calibrate the instruments listed below.

instruments for calibration

Special type of instruments calibration

Lux Meter Light meter Illumination meter
Anemometer Air flow meter Noise Meter
Sound level meter Sound level calibrator Validation of autoclaves
Validation of furnaces Validation of seep Freezers Validation of Cold Room
Mapping Flow meter Test equipment calibration
Calibration of Rotameter Calibration of microscope  
Any Special Type of Instruments (Related To Time, Dimension, Temperature, Pressure, Mass, Electrical Parameters of All Ranges)

Revolution calibration

Tachometer RPM Meter Meter / minute meter
Counter Meter Slip speed meter Centrifuge
Revolution measurement    

Analytical instruments calibration

Moisture balance pH meter Conductivity meter
TDS Meter Melting point apparatus Karl fischer auto titrator
Spectrophotometer Viscosity cup Flame photo meter
Hydrometer Test sieves Muller machine
Moisture meter Burette Pipette
Measuring cylinder Calibration of glassware Micropipette

Time calibraiton

Stop watches Timer Chronograph
Hour Meter    

Thermal and Humidity calibration

Temperature indicator Temperature Controller Temperature recorder
Temperature gauges Ovens calibration Muffle furnace
Water bath Thermocouple calibration Rtd sensors calibration
temperature sensors thermometer calibration Hygrometer
BOD incubator Humidity chamber Temperature transmitter
Temperature transducers Temperature data logger Humidity data logger
rtd calibration simulator Temperature bath Deep freezer
Temperature calibrator