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NCQC ISO/IEC 17025 NABL accredited calibration laboratory provides information and services for calibrating test equipment, process instrument and provide calibrated instruments certificate.

About NCQC Calibration Services For Calibrating Process instruments, standard test equipment

National Centre for Quality Calibration Laboratory (NCQC) was founded in 1998 for instrument calibration laboratory. Since then, we have steadily grown by adding many new facilities, capabilities including primary and secondary instrumentation to become leading calibration laboratory in India. We provide calibration services to our customers in either our own environmentally controlled multi-laboratory facility or on-site at their location. We had our branches in Gandhidham, Ankleshwar, Bhavnagar, Rajkot and Vapi.

We are recognised for:

  • Fast turnaround for the most calibration services, calibrating test equipments and process standard instruments with our calibrated masters
  • Rush calibration service, i.e. overnight and 2-day service.Franchise with NCQC
  • Highly skilled staff and working in shift to meet customer need
  • Instrument pickup and delivery in the local location
  • Worldwide shipping  as well as with in India shipping
  • Notification for calibration due letter when instruments are due for calibration

The People at NCQC Calibration Laboratory

We are currently performing calibration in the field of Temperature, Dimensional, Pressure, Vacuum, Time, Mass, Electrical, Noise, Airflow, Lux & all Special Purpose Instruments in all ranges. NCQC is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory by NABL We had highly skilled and experienced engineers and staff of over forty professionals. With shift working, we are able to satisfy your emergency situations, as well as, provide quick turnaround calibration services on a consistent basis and carry out calibration for process equipments and test standards with our calibrated instruments and standards. Our organisation structure is given below for your ready reference.

NCQC organization structure

Walkthrough Video of NCQC Calibration Laboratory Facilities

NCQC has own Corporate House which facilitates with eight environmentally controlled labs. With full-service at our NABL accredited calibration laboratory and on-site calibrations at our customer facilities, we complete over 50,000 calibrations per year.

Instrument and Equipment Capabilities and Reference Standards

NCQC Calibration Laboratory has the most calibration capabilities under one roof to serve the varying needs of your business. We serve all industries, including aerospace, chemical, pharmaceuticals, engineering, automotive, biotech, high tech, manufacturing, medical and engineering from all around the world. We had the calibrated masters and reference standards for calibrating test equipments, process instruments, as listed below.

Reference Standard Maintained

Slip gauge set Length bar Optical Flat
Optical parallel Monochromic light source Three wire pin set
Electronic comparator Electronic probe with DRO Precision level
Calibration of Profile projector Calibration of Sine bar Digital micrometer
Digital caliper Internal microchecker Square block
Standard foils Slip gauge comparator Dial calibration tester
Humidity generator Standard humidity meter Solid temperature bath
Liquid temperature bath Dry block furnace Pt–100 temperature sensor (class –A)
“S” thermocouple (class –A) “K” thermocouple (class –A) Universal calibrator
Temperature data logger Digital Pressure Gauges (-1 to 2 Bar, ±0.05%FS) Digital Pressure Gauges (0 to 70 Bar, ±0.05%FS)
Digital Pressure Gauges (0 to 700 Bar, ±0.05%FS) Digital Pressure Gauges (0 to 1400 Bar, ±0.05%FS) Dead Weight Tester
Pressure Comparator (Hydraulic and Pneumatic) Digital Weighing Balances Reference Weights (E–2 Class)
Reference Weights (F–1 Class) Multi–Function calibrator (Fluke) Current coils
6 ½ Digital multimeter 5 ½ Digital multimeter Resistance decade box
Calibration of Universal calibrator Calibration of Sound level calibrator Calibration of Torque wrench tester
Calibration of Master tachometer Master stop watch (Resolution 0.001 Sec) Revolution source (Contact and Non Contact)
Calibration of Hardness blocks Calibration of Load cells Digital Hardness tester
Rubber hardness tester Tape and scale calibrator Torque wrench calibration system
Data acquisition system 3 phase energy calibration system Online 3 phase energy calibration system
Universal Length measuring machine Low pressure calibrator Calibration of Glass scale
Micrometer eye piece Calibration of Angle gauge Pito tube anemometer


The Quality of NCQC Calibration Laboratory's Services

NCQC  Calibration Laboratory's quality system is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005) by NABL. We are  ISO/IEC 17025 (NABL) accreditation in the field of Mechanical, pressure and vacuum, force, mass, volume, thermal, electro - Technical as per latest ISO standard ISO/IEC 17025 (NABL Certificate No. C – 0146, C – 0499, C – 0502). To download our NABL certificate or NCQC scopes of calibration go to Find Document at bottom of this page or visit NABL web site

Customer Testimonials

I appreciate the 3 days  turn around that I asked for. Thanks!!

Jatin Patel
Green Environment

Easy to do business with one stop calibration center. It seems that you can calibrate anything that we need done. Thanks,

Mr. Thakkar
Deepcare pharmaceuticals

I cannot recall the last time I had any issue with the calibration services.
I am very happy and totally satisfied with the calibration service and its value.

Mr. A.J. Rodrigues

You do the best  job for all my calibration needs. I am impressed with the customer focus and the courtesy of everyone involved

Mr. Ravi
Jay Chemicals

Our Services

ISO/IEC 17025 Consultancy

We provide consultancy for setting up new calibration laboratory and its accreditation as per National/International standards. We also provide consultancy for test and calibration laboratories globally for ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation and our clients had got accreditation from NABL, IAS, DAC, UKAS etc. We also provide ISO/IEC 17025 training and documentation kit.

ISO/IEC 17025 Awareness and Auditor Training kit

ISO/IEC 17025 total documentation kit

Instrument Calibration

Calibration of all types of instruments for Temperature, Dimensional, Pressure, Vacuum, Time, Mass, Electrical, Noise, Airflow, Lux & all Special Purpose Instruments in all ranges are carried out at site as well as at client site. We are doing calibration for test equipments, process instruments and standards with our calibrated standards.

Training Courses

We organize training programmes & workshops on calibration at regular intervals to enhance and update knowledge of customers. Faculty for training is arranged from prestigious and renowned institutions and industries. Also, workshop and calibration lab tour in our calibration laboratory on open day is arranged in laboratory. We also organize the training programs on ISO 17025 awareness, ISO 17025 auditor, documentation and measurement uncertainty, calibration of various instruments, API etc.
Customised training programmes are also arranged at customer's site.