calibration laboratory for pressure gauges, mass, weights, flow meter, dimension, scale, glass wares
Calibration laboratory provides calibration of instruments for pressure gauges, flow meter, pipette, mass, weights, calibrated weights, glass wares, burettes, torque wrenches, gauge, vernier caliper, scales, gauges, test sieves, vacuum gauges

Calibration for Pharmaceutical and any process industries

NCQC is having leading name for Calibration and Validation in India and globally. We had team of experts providing consultancy for ISO 13485, CE mark all types of ISO certification, NABL accreditation as well as GMP and based on such expertise experience we are helping to pharmaceutical companies for calibration and validation and it is accepted by US FDA and all compliance audits. We are providing the total solution for calibration of all the types of instruments used in pharmaceutical industries and validation for any types of equipment.

We had huge facility for instrument calibration and accredited by NABL since 2000 as well as our customers are like Zydus, Alkem, IPCA, Qatar Pharma, Intas, MCleods pharma, Gujarat themis, United phosphors, India gelatin, Amneal, Rushan etc., leading pharmaceutical brands. Our laboratory is having controlled temperature and full facility to calibrate E2 class of weights as well as full facility for any types of validation in the Pharma and process industries. Our validation reports are generated by our highly imported machines to meet US FDA requirements and other compliance audit.

NCQC had a team of electronics and instrument engineers having very rich experience for software validation. With NCQC, many leading pharma companies of India are doing software validation for their PLC and HMI or SCADA based system or APS system of auto filling and packing and having leading name for the same. Majority of pharmaceuticals companies are in list of our clients and with our calibration and validation reports they had successfully completed their US FDA, GMP and other compliance audits for many years.

Pharmaceutical Instruments Calibration


Clean Room validation HVAC Validation AHU Validation
Laminar air Flow Air flow Test & ACPH Calculations Installed Filter System Leakage Test
Smoke test Non-Viable Particle Count Test Recovery Test
Air Flow Pattern Test (Using Water Fogger) Air Flow Pattern Test (Using Water Fogger) Light Intensity Measurement
Sound Level Measurement Ventilation measurement Air capture hood measurement

Software Validation

Installation qualification, operational qualification and performance qualification of software based equipments based on the requirements of GAMP as per the requirements of US FDA.

PLC and HMI validation SCADA validation BMS (Building Maintenance System) Validation
SAP Validation ERP Validation EMS Validation


BlenderRapid Mixture granulatorAuto water
FBD Blisterpackaging Machine


Vial washingVial feeling


RO + UV water Purified water generation and siatillation

Instrument Calibration

Thermo-HygrometerWeight Box (E2 Class and coarser)Temperature controller / Indicator
Autoclave MappingMicro pipettesORP Meter
Temperature MappingWeighing balanceData Loggers
Humidity MappingGlass waresSafety Valve
IncubatorHydrometerMagnahilic Gauge
OvenMeasuring scaleManometer
Glass thermometerCaliperPressure gauges
Thermocouples / Temperature SensorWobble meterCompound gauges
Muffle FurnaceDial gaugePressure recorder
AnemometerLux MeterHot-Wire anemometer
Temperature recorderTemperature transmitterPressure Transmitter
Humidity transmitterTest sieve DialGauge